At our helm is Xylem Larla Dey-

Writer, dancer, musician, activist, herbalist,

wilderness first responder, backpacker, and visionary eco educator in Nevada City, California.  

Xylem has been passed torches from amazing mentors from all over the world, and is now passing their wisdom forward for the youth.

Xylem has a Masters in Education

& over 20 years of experience guiding groups of teens in creative workshops at festivals, camps, and schools- including on Fruit Tree Tour, and with Camp Augusta, Camp Avary, & Nevada City School of the Arts.  


What is TLC?

TLC’s programming intent and foundation is based on Xylem’s 20 years of work with youth in the nonprofit education sector, combined with her graduate research at 4 alternative high schools, and her own nontraditional educational experiences in and out of schools.

TLC’s format and curriculum content are heavily influenced by her experience for 2 years guiding and refining a tried and tested teen leadership course that’s been running at Camp Augusta for over a decade, including a 9 month online correspondence course followed by three weeks of in-person training.

Xylem has been adapting the curriculum for a larger audience, because these skills have proven to be useful for teens’ lives and she – with the camp’s blessing – would love to see these concepts shared with more teens around the world. Through the Augusta program, Xylem mentored 22 co-ed teens and 17 young women counselors from 2011-2015… and their honest feedback helped Xylem refine her offerings as a teacher and mentor.

In 2017, TLC ran the first high school and middle school interactive workshops at a private home, and we are excited to build the group and the momentum in 2018 at the Golden Mandala in Nevada City.

Xylem has been helping a number of teens in the past two years through one on one mentorships, and there is space for just 2-3 more teens to book weekly sessions, book here.

In Spring 2018 we are excited to begin a partnership with Haalo to offer herbal medicine classes for teens in 2018, keep posted to the Haalo website and the TLC Facebook page to see news about events. 

Stay tuned for future online forums, and wilderness trips!


Stress Busting Meditations

  • Nature Awareness
  • Breathing & Exercise
  • Visualizations

Communication Tools

  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Empathy Counseling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Rapport

Facilitation & Presentation

  • Intentional Speech
  • Impactful Messaging
  • Group Leadership Styles

Diversity Training

  • Media Literacy
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Current Events Discussion thru a Social & Environmental Justice Lens