For Middle Schoolers: 1st Saturdays –

Feb 3rd, March 3rd, April 7th*,

May 5th, June 2nd.


For High Schoolers: 2nd Saturdays-

Feb 10th, March 10th, April 14th,

May 12th, June 9th.


12-4 pm, $40/class

Includes SNACKS  & Lounge Time

We’ll watch videos, discuss, journal, write and share poetry, play games, do art, and engage all our senses and learning styles to get to know each other in a supportive container – 

Workshops Explore 4 themes: 

  • Self Care & Stress Busting
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Presenting Ideas & Organizing Groups
  • Diversity Training through Media Literacy toward  Social Justice

Registration begins in a few days for HIGH Schoolers!!
Please CLICK HERE to REGISTER for MIDDLE Schoolers,
& PLEASE RSVP & INVITE FRIENDS on the Facebook event page,
so families can connect, link with carpools, get announcements!

*April 7th for middle schoolers will be at a different location TBA

Event Logistics: This Info will be Emailed to Participants after Registration – 

Parents or Guardians MUST CHECKIN  STUDENTS IN PERSON AT FIRST WORKSHOP, in order to sign our liability waiver and photo/video release.

Repeat workshops will be covered after you’ve signed in first.

If you are unable to accompany your teen to their first workshop please email to arrange to sign forms online.

Participants must give notice in advance for any food allergies, medical, or emotional concerns that may affect ability to participate in group snacks, movement, and personal conversations.  

TLC workshops are phone free! Teens will be asked to put phones on airplane mode and place in a basket at the door. This allows us to be fully present together in the space without distractions, and we will talk about what this brings up for us.  

We’ll provide a notebook to use in class, or you can bring your own.

We’ll provide any relevant craft supplies.

We’ll be sitting on blankets and pillows on the floor, with some movement – please dress comfortably and appropriately for light movement, dancing, and stretching.

The Golden Mandala is a shoe free yoga space! Please wear socks if your feet get cold.

Please bring a water bottle. We’ll provide water refills, and tea, and snacks – You can bring your own snacks to munch on yourself or to share during snack time.

NO smoking, drinking, or substance use will be allowed during the event.

While we won’t always engage these topics, as the facilitators read the room for maturity, vulnerability, and creating a safe container – We MAY choose to talk about mature topics IF middle schoolers bring them up as relevant to their personal lives. “Mature topics” include: Smoking, drinking, substance use, social media, bullying, sexuality, relationships, divorce, death, and conflicts at home or school have all been mentioned at such workshops. Students are asked to agree to confidentiality – not to share others’ personal stories outside the workshop – and informed that TLC’s staff is required to report to parents or authorities to get help if minors disclose that they are being harmed. If parents or teens have concerns or requests about these sensitive topics to discuss before or after, please contact Xylem at 530-575-7359.  

We will speak about current world events from a social justice perspective: topics may include gender dynamics, body image, LGBTQ rights, black lives matter, racial justice, indigenous rights, and environmental topics. Teens are encouraged to think about and discuss multiple points of view. If these topics are a concern for your family, please contact Xylem to discuss your concerns or arrange a refund.

TLC welcomes ALL genders, colors, religions, and sexual orientations.

This is an inclusive space where we practice empathy, support, and kindness.


Stress Busting Meditations

  • Nature Awareness
  • Breathing & Exercise
  • Visualizations

Communication Tools

  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Empathy Counseling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Rapport

Facilitation & Presentation

  • Intentional Speech
  • Impactful Messaging
  • Group Leadership Styles

Diversity Training

  • Media Literacy
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Current Events Discussion thru a Social & Environmental Justice Lens