Herbal Medicine Classes for Teens

March 15th & 22nd – Rebel Body Care!

  • “Not Your Mama’s” Body Butter 
  • “Face Your Face” –  Acne Facewash

April 12th & 26th – Immunity Revolution!

  • “Fire Away!” Fire Cider 
  • “Rebel Roots Rock” Tinctures  

May 10th & 24th – Get UnSpun from Stress!

  • “Chillax the Panic” – JoyBalls & Aromatherapy Mists 
  • “Sleep Deep, Be Chill” – Herbal EyeBags

@Haalo Herb Shoppe in Nevada City! 
Look for registration info on Haalo & TLCs Facebook Pages-
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Starting Feb 1st, so please sign up to get the news!

In each hands-on class we will:

  1. Make an herbal product, traversing over the six classes to use herbs in six different kinds of ways.
  2. Do an activity to practice personal growth concepts that help ease the condition we’re studying.
  3. Explore herbal knowledge related to the plants we’re using.
  4. Point toward other accessible do-it-yourself herbal remedies for teens to try at home.

Stress Busting Meditations

  • Nature Awareness
  • Breathing & Exercise
  • Visualizations

Communication Tools

  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Empathy Counseling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Rapport

Facilitation & Presentation

  • Intentional Speech
  • Impactful Messaging
  • Group Leadership Styles

Diversity Training

  • Media Literacy
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Current Events Discussion thru a Social & Environmental Justice Lens